Dash Point Social & Improvement Club

Dash Point History

Tacoma Daily Ledger, September 8, 1907

Articles of incorporation were filed last week for the Dash Point Social & Improvement Club.  Officers of the organization are as follows:  R.E Thompson, President; H.R. Cox, Vice President; R.P. Milne, Secretary; J.W. Wood, Treasurer; C.S. Lyons, H.C. Dodson, F.U. Main, E.J. Panell, R.W. McMillan, F.J. Ogden and Miss Helen Bronson, trustees.  The officers will serve until the first Thursday in July, 1908.  The object of the association is to promote the up building of Dash Point and to encourage entertainments and social features important at a resort of this character.

Dash Point 1910-1920

By 1912 a grocery boat and a meat boat came to Dash Point at least once per week.  Another boat delivered kerosene oil used for lamps.  The Dash Point Transportation Company was organized and purchased the Chickawana, a 65-foot launch which carried 75 people.  Its only destination was Tacoma.  The first school was started in 1914 in a house rented for $15 a month.  A new dock was begun in 1917 at a cost of $7,777.  In 1918, property adjoining the dock was donated for a park.

Dash Point Dock Dinners

This annual event began in the summer of 1927.  It was called a "Hoop-Te-Doo".  There was swimming races, boat racing, pole walking, a bathing beauty contest and a dance.  The dinners lasted until 1940 when interrupted by WW II.  When resumed, the dinners featured barbecued beef.  The last dock dinner was held in 1981.

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